Brain and Breath Connection Lecture

There is a rhythm between the brain waves, fascia & the breath. When you see it, you never unsee it.

When this pattern isn't understood people are riddled with chronic anxiety, overthinking, overstimulated nervous systems, stress or lock stress state symptoms (like poor digestion, low immune system, mental blocks).

This 80-minute no-nonsense lecture is a visually exploration of the physiology of the breath, fascia & neurological connection. We cover the basic brain wave patterns, theta/gamma synch, what is fascia, how to recondition it, and the optimal breathing sequence... and much more.

This lecture is presented so children over the age of 10 years old can understand the topics and begin training. This educational lecture can be accessed forever by people who purchase it. We cover the basic exercises to get started on reconditioning the fascia in a Ground-Up ti chi approach and the rules to follow to prevent injury. As well as the beginner breathing sequence to begin expanding lung capacity and start breath training for a strong, automatic natural breath.

This lecture is based on the philosophy that the body is a self-healing machine, like nature itself, with built in mechanisms to restore youthful tissues when we create the proper conditions. It lightly covers a much grander thesis about consciousness and the integral connection the body.

Deep Fascia Release Course

A step-by-step guided tutorial to recondition the fascia with a safe, gentle ground-up compression technique. 

For those of you looking to deeply understand and heal the fascia tissues this course is for you. This is a recorded Ground-Up fascia release sequence that moves us through the entire body.

A step-by-step guided video (30 minute science section, 70 minute walkthrough) shows you each major fascia band as we recondition them.

-What is Fascia
-How does it "adhere/glue" itself together
-How to unstick the adhesions
-How do the main fascia bands connect
-Where we most often have adhesions
-Rules to Follow for a safe, gentle reconditioning process

Many therapists/doctors advise not doing your own reconditioning for a number of reasons. This process has rules to follow and sequence that allows the body to heal over time. You can have adhesions in the body for 40 years and they can be gone in 4 months with consistency.

This process is an adaption of a ti chi compression technique combined with a hyaluronic acid creation process in the body. It is simple, and when done in order it restores a deep youthfulness throughout your body.

This is much gentler than "fascia flossing techniques" or "fascia blaster" tools which manually remove adhesions. This technique moves sequentially through the body helping restore foot health first, before removing fascia adhesions from the midsection of the body and does not focus on trauma release, but athletic optimization of the tissues.


Private Breath

Private Breath Session

50 mins  |  $120

Self control begins with the breath. The pattern of our breath determines if we are calm or anxious, if our immune system will be strong or weak. This session we will build a custom practice tailored to your goals. We cover or omit depending on the knowledge: -how to breath properly -the breath wave -consequences of mouth vs nose breathing -exercises to strengthen your lung field -4 exercises specific for you & your goals as take home practice - 30-45 minute guided breathwork Note we book in Eastern Time Zone (ET USA).


Archetype Consultation

30 mins  |  $75

Archetypes is a profound sacred process of discovering all the pieces of our personalities. By using Jungian and Carolynn Myss's techniques you find the non-negotiable aspects of your soul. This is the first step of a four-part process that only you can initiate & complete, I am a simple guide that helps you ask the right questions.


Fascia: Ground up Technique

45 mins  |  $150

In this tailored one on one class I will give you the basics of the ground up Fascia approach and guide you through a fascia release process. We will test your sensory cortex, foot receptors and superficial back line. Each lesson will finish with a step-by-step email so you can begin reconditioning your fascia by yourself. This class in the near future will be offered as a group class at a lower price. As the information is dense and there is much to cover in the beginning, so there will be a short introduction to the topics as well as exercises in this time frame. If you are an athlete this can be tailored for your sport. All who sign up will receive a personal email with a questionnaire so we make the most out of this lesson.

This is the Best Breathwork

The greatest way to increase your
endurance, relax your mind and
empower your immune system is in
your breathing.

The brain, breath & body are all connected. The rhythm that you carry in your breath determines how the brain & body will function.

​As silly as this sounds, many people are breathing wrong, even many breathwork teachers. The lungs are not a muscle, they are an organ that relies on the muscles around them to pump them. How we filter the air and how we control the space for the lungs to expand and contract determines how well our body can intake oxygen.

Key points to understand:

1) The Mouth is made for eating, not breathing. Our nose is a beautiful structure designed to humidify, purify & temperature regulate the air.

2) By training the muscles that pump your lungs you can create a very dynamic, controlled, powerful natural breath.

3) Breathing into the lower lungs will allow your body to hold its breath longer because that is where the oxygen goes into the blood. Upper chest breathing creates a slew of cross signals in the body, triggering anxiety, rapid heart rate and adrenaline.

Knowing how to breath and breathing with strength is a fundamental skill to maintaining a healthy mental state, because your breath patterns determine the brain and nervous systems state.

​In my classes we recondition the entire connection.

Brain & Breath Connection

If you love learning with visuals, diagrams and demonstrations you will enjoy the Brain & Breath connection class.

We give your brain a simple way to wrap itself around neurology, adrenaline, nervous system and fascia. In this class, we break down the science of how our body communicates within itself. You are shown brain tissues, nervous system,
fascia lines, the bones of the foot, the muscles of the pelvic floor and how these are all inescapably connected together.

This class is ideal for anyone with lungs.
You are given the tools to recondition your brain & body connection from the comfort of your home or understand
why the weekly training are subtle but effective. I highly recommend it to any child who can sit for 90 minutes over the age of 8 years old.

These classes can change our concept of creative thinking, stress management and how we treat ourselves, I believe they can change our world.

The Trainings

Musical breathwork is a fitness training that improves everything you do. By improving your balance and strengthening your breath all aspects of your life are changed.

In a single one-hour weekly class an instructor enhances your:

-Proper Breath wave
-Fascia conditioning & toning
-Balance and toe strengthen
-Diaphragm muscle flexibility & strength
-your breath hold (we use a giant timer)
-nervous system regulation

Excellent class for the athlete, creative, overstimulated mind, or stressed body. Modifications can be made to challenge an advanced or beginner student in the same hour.

Ages 11+-80 are welcome. These classes are both intense and relaxing with a musical treat for the mind and body.

Brooke uses neurological science, breath training & fascia exercises taught by Navy Seal officers, professional vocalists & UFC fighters.



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